Author: Bo Sun

Emotional, exciting, and unique, Tears for Camellia is the next book for you. Be sure to jump in on the wave as soon as you can. You’ll love what Bo Sun has done for the written word.


Author: Anna Wang

A rare and truthful memoir of a young woman's coming-of-age amid the Tiananmen Protests of 1989.
In 1989, Anna Wang was one of a lucky few who worked for a Japanese company, Canon. She traveled each day between her grandmother’s dilapidated commune-style apartment and an extravagant office just steps from Tiananmen Square. Her daily commute on Beijing’s impossibly crowded buses brought into view the full spectrum of China’s economic and social inequalities during the economic transition. When Tiananmen Protests broke out, her Japanese boss was concerned whether the protests would obstruct Canon’s assembly plant in China, and she was sent to Tiananmen Square on a daily basis to take photos for her boss to analyze for evidence of turning tides.


Authors: Rui Wang, Lily Liu, Allan Cho, Lily Chu, Jieru Zhou, Yili, Ma Lan, Christina Yao, Xiaowen Zeng.

Nine Stories by Nine Ethnic Chinese Writers.

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