• Rui Wang


    Rui Wang is the Dean of the University Library at the University of New Orleans. His short story, “A Hero of Our Times,” is collected in The Strangers. 

  • Jieru Zhou


    Jieru Zhou is the editor-in-chief of Hong Kong Literature. Her short story, "The House in Avenel," is collected in The Strangers.

  • Anna Wang


    Anna Wang is a full-time author. She has nine Chinese books under her belt. Her autobiographical fiction was released on May 16, 2019.

  • Lily Chu


    Lily Chu is the president of the San Diego Chinese Writers’ Association. Her short story, "The But," is collected in The Strangers.

  • Yili


    Yili is a retired social worker who helped immigrants settle in a new country. Her short story, "The Golden Venture," is collected in The Strangers.

  • Allan Cho


    Allan Cho is a librarian at the University of British Columbia. His short story, "Counting Down the Minutes," is collected in The Strangers.

  • Ma Lan


    Ma Lan is a full-time novelist and poet. Her short story, "Flowers Bloom, Flowers Fall" is collected in The Strangers.

  • Xiaowen Zeng


    Xiaowen Zeng once served as the chair of the Chinese Pen Society of Canada. Her short story, "Return to Gandar," is collected in The Strangers.

  • Lily Liu

    Art Director

    Lily Liu is a board member of The Society for Chinese Canadian Literature Studies in Vancouver, Canada. Her short story, "The Stranger," is collected in The Strangers.

  • Christina Yao


    Christina Yao works as an investigator at the National Institutes of Health. Her short story, "VACANCES À PARIS," is collected in The Strangers.

  • Bo Sun


    Bo Sun is the editor-in-chief of, and the Vice-President of World Chinese Studies in Canada. His novel Tears for Camellia will be released soon.

  • Betty Sun


    Betty Sun is a senior Chinese Canadian translator. She had been a visiting scholar at two of Canadian universities and has worked for Toronto Public Library for 16 years. 

  • Zhu Hong


    Prolific translator Zhu Hong teaches post-Mao writing in the Department of Modern Foreign Languages and Literature at Boston University. 

  • Charles Laughlin


    Charles A. Laughlin is the Ellen Bayard Weedon Chair Professor of Chinese Literature at the University of Virginia. 

  • Alexandra Cao


    Ying Alexandra Cao is a visual artist based in Los Angeles, California.

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