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A Moving and Memorable Romance Thriller

San Diego, California -- Tears for Camellia, a poplar romance thriller originally written in Chinese now has an English translation.

Tears for Camellia is about a Chinese immigrant's tragic life. Yuanyuan Zhang, a beauty from Shanghai, is unfortunately compelled to go street-walking and becomes a strip-teaser in Toronto. By sheer chance, she encounters Lai Wenxiong, a student from Taiwan, who tries to rescue her from her predicament. Although they have burning love for each other, Yuanyuan eventually ends her young life in Niagara Falls.

The fiction was first published by China Youth Publishing House in simplified Chinese in 2000. A year later, it was published by Taiwan Shengzhi Culture Company in traditional Chinese. After that, Guangzhou Daily and Global China Daily re-published it in installment, and the story gradually attracted a great number of followers. The readers bemoan the tragic fate of Yuanyuan while she struggles to get away from prostitution, drug-trafficking and the gangsters.

Kelu Zheng, professor at Shanghai Normal University, comments, "Tears for Camellia is an excellent and gripping portrayal of the fate of a female immigrant. I have read few novels as deep and eloquent as this one. It will not let you down."

The author Bo Sun is a Chinese Canadian award-winning writer and a senior media professional. He is the editor-in-chief of, the president of the Chinese PEN Society of Canada, and the vice-president of World Chinese Studies in Canada. He has published over ten novels and has directed a couple of full-length documentaries.

Sun thinks that a good English translation means everything for Chinese works to reach out to the English world. In his 20 years of literary career, the release of the English version of Tears for Camellia is a milestone. He hopes that this gripping story would appeal to English readers as well. Sun thanks the translator, Baimei, and Elizabeth Warrener who helped to polish the translation. "Not every Chinese writer has such good luck of working with them," he concluds with emotion. "I will forever remember their help."

The 422-page book was translated into English by Baimei(Betty) Sun, a senior Chinese Canadian translator. She had been an associate professor in the English Department of Shanghai International Studies University before immigrating to Canada. While living in Canada, she had been a visiting scholar at McGill University and the University of Regina and has worked for the Toronto Public Library for 16 years.

Elizabeth Warrener, a retired librarian from the Toronto Public Library, loves the story. "I felt for the beautiful, ambitious Shanghainese woman," she says. "Part love story, part cautionary tale, Tears for Camellia takes you from Asia to North America, with a Canadian connection."

Tianguo Hong, literary critic and ex-president of Chinese PEN Society of Canada, thinks that "Tears for Camellia reflects the struggle between human's soul and body. This reflection gives the reader a more thorough, transparent and incisive insight. It is a complicated insight, mixed with love, hatred, regret, and pity."

"This work depicts a tragic female character up against social reality," Da Lu, a senior news correspondent comments. "It serves as a warning to the world," he adds profoundly. Jinghong Xiao, a research professor with the Chinese Writers’ Association, notices that "the Chinese version of Tears for Camellia has been very popular," and he wishes that "its English version will be enjoyed by more readers."

Tears for Camellia

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